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scp guide

Could somebody be so kind to explain to me an idiot's guide to copying files via scp without the need for a password so the scp instruction can be put into a cron job ?

So far I have tried.
Added same users on each machine
typed "ssh_keygen -t rsa" as that user on each machine.
connected from each machine to other via ssh ( typing password ) which makes ~/.ssh/known_hosts
copied from machineA ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub to machineB ~/.ssh/authorised_keys
copied from machineB ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub to machineA ~/.ssh/authorised_keys
added "machineA_ipaddress username" to machineB/etc/hosts.equiv
added "machineB_ipaddress username" to machineA/etc/hosts.equiv

and still using scp other machine asks for a password.



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