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Re: install with support from a second machine

Quoting Nick Holland (nick_(_at_)_holland-consulting_(_dot_)_net):
> Jules Gilbert wrote:
> > I have a copy of the OpenBSD CD's on order.
> btw: its a ONE FLOPPY install.  We are very proud of this.  We work hard
> to keep it one floppy.

> You need to see the standard install before you start getting fancy.
> Also, I presume the fact that you have four drives on this machine
> doesn't mean all four are devoted to OpenBSD, which probably means you
> are going to be trying to install OpenBSD "around" existing OSs on other
> drives.  With luck, on your first install, you will blow something away
> you didn't want to wipe out (yes, with luck.  If it all goes smoothly,
> you haven't learned anything :),  So, I would *highly* recommend
> starting by removing ALL drives other than the one you are installing

And that might be as simple as just pulling the power from the drives.

> to, and as long as you have freed up your second IDE channel, plug a CD
> ROM drive in there.  Once you play with the basic install, you can start
> getting fancy.

You could ALSO do a simple 1 floppy install from the network from
the 3.5 distribution on the Internet (or -current snapshots if you
feel lucky).  Start with a straight 3.5 though.

It's simple and I can do it in < 60 seconds of attention.  Boot
from floppy, answer some questions, use an ftp server in your country
(I use ftp.usa.openbsd.org), finish the questions, let it start,
go off and teach your pet badminton for a little while ("while"
will vary based on your network connection; when I started with a
28.8modem, I *could* have taught the rabbit badminton has she not
kept chewing the little thingies (birdies?)).

The way to learn something new is not to try it the hard way first.
Nor should you expect 1 install.  If you install it a couple times,
examine it, play for a couple hours and blow it away, you'll be
more confident in the install process, better at choosing partition
sizes and perhaps more attractive to the sex to which you want to
be attractive.  Mints help too.

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