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Re: install with support from a second machine

Jules Gilbert wrote:
> I have a copy of the OpenBSD CD's on order.
> And one of the main machine's on which I intend to run OpenBSD has a
> fully populated IDE drive chain (I think that's the right way to
> phrase this.)  In other words, no CD-drive.
> But other machine's on my intranet run Linux and FreeBSD and have CD
> capability.
> I want to do the basic two-floppy install and then point to one of
> the other machines;  HOW TO DO THIS is my question.

No, "HOW TO DO THIS" is a statement, leading to an explaination.
"HOW DO I DO THIS?" is a question.

(ok, of all people, I'm probably not qualified to lead a charge of the
Language Police, but this particular Linuxism BUGS THE HECK of of me.
At least you didn't say "HOWTO".)

btw: its a ONE FLOPPY install.  We are very proud of this.  We work hard
to keep it one floppy.

> If useful, I could write each of the three OpenBSD CD's to disk,
> (separate directories within a common file-system), or do something
> equally fancy, but I still don't know how to setup the reference
> after this is done.
> I admit to not being up on these matters.  I am learning a lot
> however, from this mailing list.

The answer to the question you asked is, you will be doing an FTP
install from a local FTP server.  VERY straight forward, at least on the
OpenBSD side.  HOWEVER...

You need to see the standard install before you start getting fancy.
Also, I presume the fact that you have four drives on this machine
doesn't mean all four are devoted to OpenBSD, which probably means you
are going to be trying to install OpenBSD "around" existing OSs on other
drives.  With luck, on your first install, you will blow something away
you didn't want to wipe out (yes, with luck.  If it all goes smoothly,
you haven't learned anything :),  So, I would *highly* recommend
starting by removing ALL drives other than the one you are installing
to, and as long as you have freed up your second IDE channel, plug a CD
ROM drive in there.  Once you play with the basic install, you can start
getting fancy.


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