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Re: nfs stalls and speed issues

Pardon the slightly out of context addition to this thread, I read the
list in digest mode...

I'd like to add my own small set of numbers to this list.  I'm running two
identical machines:

2x700mhz P3
1 gig of ram
old 10gig disks
August 19th snapshot, bsd.mp
fxp nic

For my tests I transferred a 200 meg file generated from /dev/arandom to
and from the nfs server, with the client machine initiating all transfers.

Via ttcp I performed similar tests to those reported, and got lovely
results around 80-90 mbits.    No problems there, full speed.

FTP get / put ad-hoc test got similar results, 18-20 seconds, so ~ 10
MB/sec.  Also excellent.

NFS reads were fantastic, 28 seconds or ~ 7 MB/sec.  Writes were better
than others had posted, 274 seconds for the 200 meg file, so ~730 KB/sec.

In contrast to a previous post reporting the write column of nfsstat to be
a solid 50, I saw a solid 100:

      Getattr   Lookup Readlink     Read    Write   Rename   Access  Readdir
Server:     0        0        0        0      101        0        0        0
Server:     0        0        0        0      101        0        0        0
Server:     0        0        0        0      101        0        0        0
Server:     0        0        0        0      101        0        0        0
... minor variations, of course.

dmesg for those interested:

I didn't tune anything, this is all basically straight out of the box.

Anything else that might be of interest?

Dave Steinberg