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Re: sudo, privilege separation and a Microsoft patent

[Re: sudo, privilege separation and a Microsoft patent] On 25/08/2004 (Wed 01:45) van Helsing wrote:

> On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 10:02:59 -0600
> deraadt_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org (Theo de Raadt) wrote:
> > The US patent system has proven itself to be entirely resiliant in the
> > face of massive criticism, so what do you really want us to say.
> Even you (dickhead) will take care for MS if they've a patent wich
> could affect OpenBSD someday.

Name-calling.  That's always a sign of a carefully considered argument.

> It would be better if somebody (OpenSource Foundation or somebody else)
> will take care for such *hit fastly.
> Because ALL OpenSource-Projects together (yes also the GPL guys) dosn't
> have as much money as Bill Gates for lawyers.
> And if any judge decide that nobody is allowed to use stuff wich could
> be affected OpenBSD and other systems could be affected too or they
> break international law.
> That's the world we're living in...

Actually, it's not.  That's probably the country you're living in, but
there are a few things you might want to consider.  First, "any judge"
in the U.S. (where this patent was filed) doesn't get to dictate terms
to the international community, regardless of what the U.S. would like
to imagine.  Second, even with the PCT allowing something silly like
this to travel across international borders, the patent has to be
examined and granted in every single country it is supposed to apply to.
Third, the U.S.'s big, friendly, beer-drinking neighbours to the north
don't grant software patents (I base this assertion on having just had a
conversation with my wife who happens to be a patent examiner for CIPO).
Fourth, last time I checked, Theo was still part of the big, friendly,
beer-drinking nation.

That's without even getting into the meat of the patent itself, which
I'm hardly qualified to examine.

I'll go back to shutting up now.

Joe MacDonald