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Press Release Network delivers your message to targeted media


Press Release Network at http://www.pressreleasenetwork.com is a press release newswire service on the internet.

Press releases distributed by Press Release Network have been published by AFP, Bloomberg, Dow Jones Interactive Publishing, Excite News, Lexis-Nexis, Reuters, Yahoo News, M2 Presswire, Google News, NewsKnowledge.com, FeedDirect, NewsNow.co.uk, Feedster.com and many other news agencies and online services.

Press Release Network through its network guarantees publication of all releases, subject to relevance of content to individual media.

Our prices start at US$ 200 and based on your specific business requirements an appropriate media circuit can be selected for distribution of news. Distribution of press release to over 4500 Global Online & Print publications is for US$ 500. The Press Release Network 'Corporate Plan' allows distribution of 12 releases to your chosen media circuit for US$ 1800.

To confirm your order, please visit our site at http://www.pressreleasenetwork.com.


Editor and CEO
Press Release Network

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