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Re: RP: i386 serial console question...

Quoting Chris Zakelj (c_(_dot_)_zakelj_(_at_)_ieee_(_dot_)_org):
> (Apologies early for the repost... it's been 2 days and I've yet to see 
> the original show up)
> I'm having an odd issue with my serial console that I don't with SSH... 
> namely, arrow keys in vi result in extra garbage that is interpreted 
> either as invalid commands or excess garbage (while in edit mode). FAQ 
> 7.7 only goes into how to set them up :(  I'm guessing it's likely the 
> windows client not emulating vt100 properly, but don't have a means to 
> test this. I'd like to get it working so I can switch SSH off.  Salient 
> details...
> -Client-
> WindowsXP SP1
> Serial through Hyperterminal vt100 client, default settings
> SSH through SSH Communications Security Corp non-commercial client
> v3.2.9(283).

Here's a thought:
teraterm, kermit, putty(?  Not sure).

HyperTerminal is like Windows Telnet and like their TCP implementation:
It's not good but they have to have it and it quashes competition.
Best if replaced with something written by professionals.

Then make sure your $TERM  settings are reasonable.

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