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Re: RP: i386 serial console question...

Chris Zakelj wrote:
> (Apologies early for the repost... it's been 2 days and I've yet to see 
> the original show up)
> I'm having an odd issue with my serial console that I don't with SSH... 
> namely, arrow keys in vi result in extra garbage that is interpreted 
> either as invalid commands or excess garbage (while in edit mode). FAQ 
> 7.7 only goes into how to set them up :(  I'm guessing it's likely the 
> windows client not emulating vt100 properly, but don't have a means to 
> test this. I'd like to get it working so I can switch SSH off.  Salient 
> details...

Most likely, correct.
The VT100 had several different sets of codes it could send out,
depending on what mode it was in.  Can you say "Committee designed"?
Not all terminal emulators support every mode properly, nor do they
switch between them as commanded.

If you are seeing this happen EVERY time, it's almost certainly an
emulation issue.  If you see it happen once in a while, it is probably
due to a delay between the sending of the ESC char and other chars in
the string -- I've seen this FAR more often than I wish, and it really
messes things up...  It usually seems to have something to do with a
slow computer somewhere...

> WindowsXP SP1
> Serial through Hyperterminal vt100 client, default settings

I dont' think the Windows-included version of Hyperterm was ever
considered a good terminal emulator.  You might want to dig around for
options (I seem to recall something about an "Application Mode" for
arrow keys or number pad (and to nip the pending 20 message off-topic on
the list: no, I don't really care)), or try one of the MANY somewhat
useful terminal emulation packages available for Windows.  Another
option which may be usable is to pick another emulation: vt52 was a LOT


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