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Installation of OpenBSD 3.5 on IBM bladeserver

From: sergej_(_dot_)_pioch_(_at_)_rz_(_dot_)_uni-freiburg_(_dot_)_de (sATsche)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.misc
Subject: Installation of OpenBSD 3.5 on IBM bladeserver
Message-ID: <8da0c99b_(_dot_)_0408190411_(_dot_)_1001b164_(_at_)_posting_(_dot_)_google_(_dot_)_com>

Hello all,

I'm trying hard to install an OpenBSD version 3.5 on an IBM
bladeserver model HS20. As bootmedia the OpenBSD intallation CD-image
'cd35.iso' is used. The bladeservers have a serious problem: CD-ROM,
floppydisk and keyboard/mouse are accessed over USB and shared for all
servers inside the Bladecenter (currently we do own two bladecenters
with each holding 14 servers). One single bladeserver provides a
dualprocessor Intel Xeon with 2.4 GHz CPU speed, 4 GB of RAM and a 40
GB harddisk.

When I am booting the system for installation, almost everything of
the hardware is recognized and prepared for use. As mentioned in the
installation-manual, the question '(I)nstall, (U)pgrade or (S)hell' is
shown, but only for a extremly short time. Then the system proceeds
writing out the demesg until it stalls at a point where no
keyboardintervention is possible anymore.

I have just grabbed the last visible lines of the dmesg off the screen

---- snipp -----------------------------------------------------

umass1 at uhub port 3 configuration 1 interface 0
umass1: In-System Design USB Storage Adapter, rev 1.10/1.00, addr 4
umass1: using ATAPI over Bulk-Only
scsibus1 at umass1: 2 targets
cd0 at scsibus 1 targ 1 lun 0: <TEAC, CD-224E, 2.9B> SCSI 0 5 / cdrom
uhub2 at uhub0 port 2
uhub2: Cypress semiconductor 4 Port Hub, class 9/0, rev. 1.10/0.01,
addr 5
uhub2: 4 ports with 4 removable, bus powered
uhidev0 at uhub2 port 1 configuration 1 interface 0
uhidev0: IBM PPC I/F, rev 1.10/0.01, addr 6, iclass 3/1
ukbd0 at uhidev 0
wskbd1 at ukbd0 mux 1
uhidev1 at uhub 2 port 1 configuration 1 interface 1
uhidev1: IBM PPC I/F, rev 1.10/0.01, addr 6, iclass 3/0
uhid at uhidev1 not configured
uhidev2 at uhub2 port 3 configuration 1 interface 0
uhidev2: IBM HIDK/M, rev 1.10/0.01, addr 7, iclass 3/1
ukbd1 at uhidev2
wskbd2 at ukbd1 mux1

---- snapp -----------------------------------------------------

After the last line the system hangs, as mentioned before.

I don't know, whether this is a problem with usb-devices or if this is
a problem which occurs in conjunction with installing SMP-machines.

Has anyone any ideas?

Best regards


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