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Re: nfs stalls and speed issues

Selon Duncan Martin <openbsd_(_at_)_codebunny_(_dot_)_org>:
> All the machines performed almost identically.  Reading from the server
> was around 10MB/s, writing to the server was around 330KB/s.  Writing to
> the server with FTP was about 10MB/s.

10MB/s !!! Wow, this is something I never got... Maybe I should change my
network cards (xl).
330KB/s writing is also pretty much what I'm getting. It is really really poor
performance. There must be something obvious that's making the write speed so
low, but I really don't have the knowledge to debug this.
I can do a lot of testing though :)
Anyway, this is not particular to 3.5 nor current, I remember having similar
problems under 3.4.