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Re: moving var

:I installed 3.5 on a ss20 and the disk is 2 Gb.
:I'm using it for the webserver and now /var is a little bit small.
:I have another disk. Can I "just" move /var to the new disk and mount it
:in fstab without breaking anything ?

Change "just" to:

. perform a backup

. make sure the fs isn't in use.  This usually means being in
single-user mode.

Change "move" to:

. mount the new partition at another location and copy the existing data
there.  If the old data is on its own partition, you can pipe dump to
restore; otherwise, take your pick of rsync/tar/cpio/etc.

Then update fstab and reboot.  If all is well, you can return to
single-user, unmount the "new" /var and blow away the old one.



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