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Re: problems with GENERIC.MP

On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 07:31:09PM +0200, Hunger wrote:

> The Creative Sound Blaster Audigy isn't configured. I know that the emu
> driver came for NetBSD and the OpenBeOS emu driver is based on NetBSD,
> but the OpenBeOS emu driver is working with Audigy. I saw Jacob Meuser
> working (worked?) for OpenBSD on it. When will this soundcard be supported?

The problem is, the card has an AC97 device and another pcm device.
The emu driver attaches the mixer to the AC97 interface so the volume
can't be controlled for the other pcm device, which is used as the
DAC, and is what you want to use, it is why you paid more for the thing.
I don't think it would be good to say this is supported, when it really
isn't.  If you really want audigy "support", NetBSD imported some patches
I sent to one of their users, you can get a diff of that commit from
their cvs, or you can do some searching to find my patches.