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Re: installation question (keeping partition untouched)

Alex Fitz
> Hi,
> I have a machine with the OpenBSD 3.4 installed, and I want to install the
> OpenBSD 3.5 (via ftp), without formating some partitions (like /home,
> /var/www/htdocs, etc). I saw in the FAQ that we can leave some partitions
> untouched, but the FAQ don't say how:
> "Note that it is possible to leave some partitions untouched in this
> process, such as a /home, but otherwise, assume everything else is
> overwritten.."
> Can anyone help me ? I looked at the disklabel FAQ/man page and I didn't
> find any option to do not format a partition. I also didn't find anything
> helpful in google...

During the install after disklabel when it asks to confirm where you want
to mount your partitions just answer done after the ones you want
formatted, this will ignore the rest.  I do this with /home every time I
install.  Everything else including /var I usually just backup and
restore.  This works for me but I don't know how it works if you have,
say, /usr after /home or /var/www/htdocs.


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