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Re: dhcp & pf on a cable modem connection

> On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 08:29:54PM -0500, J Moore wrote:
> >I'm preparing a Soekris firewall for a family member to take to college. 
> >Her Internet access will be via cable modem, so I want the Soekris 
> >between her cable modem Ethernet interface, and her Windows PC.
> >
> >I've set up dhcpd on the "inside" interface, and dhclient on the outside 
> >interface. But I'm not clear at all on how DNS will be handled. In other 
> >words, how does dhcpd tell the Windows client what DNS server to use?
> >
> >I can't experiment 'cause I don't have access to the cable network... 
> >can someone provide a clue?

Thanks to all who posted replies. As my cousin is not "into" computers, 
the solution must be automatic, and transparent to her. A bridge won't 
do because I can't administer it remotely. So - it appears that the 
solution is one that utilizes the DNS addresses obtained by the dhcp 
client on the external interface. I think I've got enough to get me 

My $80 D-Link wireless router handles these DNS server updates
transparently; I'd guess most of the products in this category do.

Finally - speaking of remote administration - I'll also need some way to
get updates when the address of the Soekris changes. I think some
variation on "dynamic dns" services might be the way to go here - any
other ideas?