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3.6-beta / Kernel Header Question

I just migrated my box to 3.6-beta.  And the only
problem I ran into was that during installation, I
could not pull down the FTP list, so I had to manually
type in my ole university.  

Now, how do I pull down the 3.6-beta source?  Do I
pull down the two gzip'd tar balls (for 3.5) and do a
CVS update, or do I have to do something special? 
Also, can I update to 3.6-release from 3.6-beta?


Kernel Header Question

I had started to review the header files in the kernel
before I did a fresh install to 3.6-beta, and I found
an item that goes against the style guide man page

The style man pages says not to include both
<sys/param.h> and <sys/types.h>.  For example, in
kern_acct.c, <sys/vnode.h> is included.  And in
<sys/vnode.h>, you will find <sys/types.h> included.

I started to set-up a csope db of all the types,
functions, and macros, but I did not want to submit
any diffs if the above is not a problem.  I also do
not want to start tearing apart <sys/param.h> against
every other header file since that I will take days if
the above is not a problem.


Brian W.

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