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Re: dhcp & pf on a cable modem connection

Quoting J Moore (jaymo_(_at_)_cullmail_(_dot_)_com):
> I'm preparing a Soekris firewall for a family member to take to college. 
> Her Internet access will be via cable modem, so I want the Soekris 
> between her cable modem Ethernet interface, and her Windows PC.

I suppose the "replace Windows with something non Windows" would
fall flat.  This machine WILL be off this firewall, this machine
WILL get virused.  The machine WILL share a lan with another machine
that will give it a virus.

> I've set up dhcpd on the "inside" interface, and dhclient on the outside 
> interface. But I'm not clear at all on how DNS will be handled. In other 
> words, how does dhcpd tell the Windows client what DNS server to use?

Don't use its DNS server,  run a direct caching one.

Swipe idea's from M0n0wall, which has a webby front config thing
to make it at least passable to someone who can manage a netgear
or linksys NAT box appliance.

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