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Re: dhcp & pf on a cable modem connection

On Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 04:58:31AM +0200, the unit calling itself Han Boetes wrote:

> > I'm preparing a Soekris firewall for a family member to take to
> > college. Her Internet access will be via cable modem, so I want
> > the Soekris between her cable modem Ethernet interface, and her
> > Windows PC.
> >
> > I've set up dhcpd on the "inside" interface, and dhclient on the
> > outside interface. But I'm not clear at all on how DNS will be
> > handled. In other words, how does dhcpd tell the Windows client what
> > DNS server to use?
> >
> > I can't experiment 'cause I don't have access to the cable network...
> > can someone provide a clue?
> Ok, here is my dhcpd.conf file:
> ~% cat /etc/dhcpd.conf
>         option  domain-name "blah.org";
>         option  domain-name-servers;
>         subnet netmask
>         {
>                 option broadcast-address;
>                 option routers;
>                 range;
>         }
> First boot, and get the nameservers for that connection from
> /etc/resolv.conf. Put them in dhclient.conf and restart dhcpd
> You can also look up the nameservers on the website of the ISP or they
> are called ns.isp.com or something.

Well, thanks, but that's not going to work in this case. This person 
does not have the skills/inclination to edit configuration files, 
re-start daemons, etc. It's all got to happen "auto-magically"... the 
only thing I could count on her being able to do is power-cycle the 
Soekris by pulling the plug.

Any other ideas?


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