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Re: macppc dual-processor machine

Han Boetes
> Theo de Raadt wrote:
>> Two people have stepped forward and completely taken care of getting
>> 1U SMP amd64 machines to us (one is on it's way; for the other we are
>> trying to get a better deal from a vendor called IBM; these large
>> vendors who claim to be open source friendly are quite frankly
>> complete liars at every level of their organizations.  It's like nail
>> polish for tigers.
> Well it's quite simple. Every donation they make to OpenBSD can end up
> anywhere, including in microsoft. That's why they are linux fans,
> because everything they invest into it can end up anywhere _except_ in
> microsoft products.

So if it ended up in a Linux developer's hands whatever was produced could
end up in  Sun's products?

That's complete BS.


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