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Re: macppc dual-processor machine

Theo de Raadt wrote:
> Two people have stepped forward and completely taken care of getting
> 1U SMP amd64 machines to us (one is on it's way; for the other we are
> trying to get a better deal from a vendor called IBM; these large
> vendors who claim to be open source friendly are quite frankly
> complete liars at every level of their organizations.  It's like nail
> polish for tigers.

Well it's quite simple. Every donation they make to OpenBSD can end up
anywhere, including in microsoft. That's why they are linux fans,
because everything they invest into it can end up anywhere _except_ in
microsoft products.

You can't be friends with everyone. :)

If you want an AMD64 machine ask the AMD guys. They don't care about it.

# Han
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