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Re: /bsd: arplookup: unable to enter address for

I was able to confirm that is using the same MAC address 
( 00:02:cf:09:bf:c9 ) as the interface on the ZyXEL cable router.  It is 
an IP address being used by the CMTS system for management of the cable 
modems.  My thought would be that then it should only be broadcasting this 
on the cable interface, but they obviously aren't going to change 
anything about it.  So since I know what is causing if for sure, and 
reconfiguring their ZyXEL router is simply not an option, is there any 
filter rule I could use to block it from filling up the logs?  Thanks for 
any suggestions.

arp -a | grep ""
rrcs-se-24-227-114-129.biz.rr.com ( at 00:02:cf:09:bf:c9 on dc1

I also tried adding a permanant arp entry for this IP address with
arp -s 00:02:cf:09:bf:c9
which didn't work

and adding an entry in /etc/ethers which was also not successful


> On Thu, 12 Aug 2004, Stephan Tesch wrote:
> > Aug 12 00:09:00 www /bsd: arplookup: unable to enter address for 
> Just a guess, but is your router somehow advertising this address? Maybe you 
> can make it stop.