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Re: system disk mirroring

Ben Goren wrote:

On 2004 Aug 12, at 9:21 AM, j knight wrote:

There's really only one gotcha: if you're wanting to install the system onto the RAID array, there's some extra steps involved.

I would question the real need to do this in the first place. Using ROOTBACKUP=1 as described in daily(8) gives you pretty much all the benefits of RAID for your root partition without the headaches. It's a tradeoff *I* would make, though I'm sure others wouldn't.

This is something that I had looked at a while back, for another client's server. I was under the impression that it was a bit of a hack to boot from a soft-raid partition. The final solution we're going to implement is to put / on a separate physical disk, which will be booted from, and run /var, /home and /usr from a soft-raid partition. / will then be backed up to an offsite backup, allowing us to do a restore, should the / partition fail, withouth losing any customer data from the RAID drives.

Is this something that I could setup during the installation process or would I have to configure the RAID drives post-install then move everything over to them?


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