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contura aero

I have been searching the openbsd archives for getting openbsd on a
compaq contura aero 4/33c

I am thinking it is a lost cause, but was wondering if any one has
made an progress with it.

I found some where about it being a 486sx, and if thtats the case,
well I also read that the 486sx's are a no go because of he fpu being
there but not working. This is a laptop, but I am assuming the same
problems exist as with the desktops.

and if not open, has anyone gotten net or free working?

I try to boot but during the boot process I get a fun screen of
characters and colors? (it looks like it will load but it doesnt get
to the prompt. And the same when i tried my netbsd floppies). I am
remembering some one saying something about the floppy drive not being
to fun to deal with.


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