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Re: After 'cvs up' ... what next?

Ben Goren
> On 2004 Aug 11, at 8:31 AM, Greg Thomas wrote:
>>> (In his first post, he mentioned following the OPENBSD_3_5 branch.)
>> Sorry.  Then I should have said keep up to date via CVS and follow the
>> instructions on errata.html.
> Erm...no. At least, not if you said what I think you said.
> If you're keeping up to date with CVS, then you follow release(8).
> If you're keeping up to date with patches (/errata.html), then you
> follow the instructions in the patches (or you do a release(8)).

Hmm, I've read on the list that others follow the patch branch and then
just use errata.html to make and install what they need.  I've been doing
this with the patch branch since 3.2 (before then I patched from
errata.html and followed the instructions) and haven't run into any
problems.  I thought the differences between the patch branch and
errata.html were minimal enough that this workflow wouldn't break