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Re: After 'cvs up' ... what next?

On 2004 Aug 11, at 8:31 AM, Greg Thomas wrote:

>> (In his first post, he mentioned following the OPENBSD_3_5 branch.)
> Sorry.  Then I should have said keep up to date via CVS and follow the
> instructions on errata.html.

Erm...no. At least, not if you said what I think you said.

If you're keeping up to date with CVS, then you follow release(8).

If you're keeping up to date with patches (/errata.html), then you 
follow the instructions in the patches (or you do a release(8)).

Don't mix the two. Either do all CVS and always do a ``make build'' or 
do all patches (in which case you can either apply them individually or 
do a full ``make build,'' whichever you're in the mood for at the 

Me? I just build a release. Sure, it's hard on the CPU, but what do I 
care? It's easy on me. There's darn little to actually do and I get to 
sleep better at night.



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