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Re: intel dual port gigabit server adapter: simple question

On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 11:07:59AM -0700, Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> Quoting Gustavo Vieira Gon?alves Coelho Rios (gustavo_(_dot_)_rios_(_at_)_fesv_(_dot_)_br):
> > Raymond Morsman escreveu:
> > >>I thought with a dual port nic i would have a single channel of 2 Giga
> > >>with only a single IP address. You showed up that's not true, in fact,
> > >>there are two ethernet on a single PCI channel.
> ...
> > >This can be true also, mostly called trunking, channel-bonding, or
> > >bundling; I'm not sure whether OpenBSD supports this.
> > Does some one know if OBSD support this?
> No.  It doesn't.
> Otoh, my need for 1GB+ pipes has been limited thus far.
> I've HAD it, but usually for a netapp attached to a gang of networks.
> I've done it a lot for 100baseT, but now that cheap GigE switches
> are appearing, that's now old history.
> 10GigE does exist.
> 'twood be nice to start to see smarter cards that could handle some
> of the trivia of TCP onboard without bothering the CPU.
> An nvidia of networking....
> But then it would need require images to be loaded from the
> OS and it would be MS proprietary...

Adaptec has a card with TCP Offload.. it's currently a Linux-only product (with driver source).


// Brad

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