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Re: Please Help - OBSD meets CEO...

On Sunday, August 8, 2004, 07:05:01, J.C. Roberts wrote:
>   ...
> The more important problem, is what are the business reasons for HiFn
> to provide free reference implementations to the OBSD developers?

I'm assuming they're interested in selling their chipsets and increasing
the  number  of  platforms that can utilize their hardware will increase
the potential market for selling their hardware.

> Since I need to convince a CEO that the cost of providing hardware
> samples for free to OBSD developers is worth it, I want to know your
> thoughts/ideas/points/opinions...

Its not just the OpenBSD market that will be opened by drivers for their
chipsets.  There's  frequent  cross pollinization of driver code between
the  (Open/Net/Free)BSDs  as  well  as  Linux. Having access to hardware
samples improves the odds of getting good driver code.

In  addition, the open source community generally views vendors who have
gone  out  of  their way to be helpful to have earned a few bonus points
when it come to selecting a particular vendors product.

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