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Re: OpenBSD Overtake - Solution?!

Dixitur illum mario_(_dot_)_Ohnewald_(_at_)_gmx_(_dot_)_de scribere...

>I have a Debian box at a root-server hoster such as schlund or hetzner.

As for strato[0]: the NIC (fxp0+1, probably dual NIC) doesn't work with
either NetBSD, OpenBSD 3.4-release, 3.5-release or MirOS.

As for the FreeBSD Depinguinator: I've had some problems[1] to get
makefs(8) to work.

As for the TOS: Most of these allow it, just debugging gets difficult.
The Strato recovery system (serial console + netbooted mini-GNU/Linux)
is great; others aren't that good.

[0] Serial consoles at 57k6 8N1 are a PITA - when trying to get NetBSD
    remotely on that machine. OpenBSD (and MirOS) didn't have problems.

[1] When I did my first snapshots on a sparcstation 20 with a 50 MHz CPU,
    I've had problems using vnd(4) devices: it mounted these, and the
    mountpoint vanished from the ls(1) output; there were other strange
    errors. I first thought it was a bug in vnd, and updated - but the
    bug existed until I upgraded to a 75 MHz CPU of different brand.

    makefs(8) works (if adding an 8K pad), but I've experienced the same
    problems with it.

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