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Re: Why sub named - Anchor won't go away

On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 09:16, Jason Opperisano wrote:
> did you load the noc:000B table with the "persist" option?  when i ran
> "pfctl -Fa -a noc:000B" i just got:
>         rules cleared
>         nat cleared
> not the "0 tables deleted." part.  i'm not 100% sure how to delete a
> "persist"-ant table, as i've never tried loading one...  my guess is a
> reboot would get rid of it, but there's gotta be a fancier solution than
> that.  sorry.

scratch that "persist" stuff...  i was able to create a "table <000B>   
persist ..." and then was able to:

        # pfctl -sA -a noc

        # pfctl -Fa -a noc:000B
        rules cleared
        nat cleared
        1 tables deleted.
        # pfctl -sA -a noc

hmmm...  my tests are on a plain vanilla 3.5 GENERIC sparc64 box.


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