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Re: ANA-62044 on 3.5-current :(

The sh*t still don't work.

I can keep the machine from going interrupt crazy if
I only plug in sf0 and sf1.  As soon as I plug in
sf2, the interrupts go crazy.  As soon as I unplug
sf2 (same with sf3 for that matter), everything returns
to normal.

I tried taking a Dell desktop and using the same
Quartet64 card.  I can use sf0-2 in that machine,
but when I plug in sf3, the machine locks up for
a long time.  Then it kinda comes back.  About
every 40 seconds the interrupts go nuts and I lose
the machine for about 10 seconds, then it comes back.

At this point, I think the sf* driver might just
be broken.  Either that or 4 different machines,
with 3 different ANA=62044 cards are all broken.
Which seems unlikely.

On the original machines, everything is bound to
IRQ 11 and I don't know how to get them to go
to different IRQs, even though it sounds like
that won't necessarily make a difference.

On the Dell Desktop, they're on 11, 5, 10, and 11.
I don't know how to change those either.

If anyone is open to ideas, I'm all ears.  Otherwise,
I'm pretty sure I will have Fedora Core 1 firewalls
pretty soon.  :(

I'm out of ideas.