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Problems with dovecot (imap server)

Hi, I have a mail server running postfix + dovecot (acting as imap server). Since my ISP blocks port 25 in and out, I use fetchmail to bring the emails to my server.

I have only 3 email accounts running. 2 of them seem to run flawlessly, but the third one is really starting to act weird. Some emails seem to duplicate themselves (10-15 copies of the same email sometimes). For exemple, I would print out all the emails in the morning. 30 minutes later, in 1 shot, I get 60 'new' emails, which are actually copies of the emails I had printed out before. This only happens on the account where we get the most emails (around 150-200 a day); some of the email directory (mbox type files) have over 60 megs/4000 emails.

Has anyone ever had problems with dovecot and large email volumes? Like I said previously, the 2 other accounts have absolutely no problems, but are also muh smaller in size (MB and emails).

System is running: 3.4-RELEASE (src and ports) + dovecot (emails are in mbox format)