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Re: Patch Installation

On (08/01/2004 13:10), Gerardo Santana Gómez Garrido wrote:
>There's already an openbsdupdate.openbsd.org.mx ;)
>and even a script to automate downloads from it a la windowsupdate.
>I faced the same problem some time ago and came to the conclusion
>that binary patching is the best solution. As you could see in the list,
>many of us do that, in different ways. Some people enjoy building
>everything and making release just to patch a few files; some others
>like me just build what is needed and make small packages (using
>binpatch); the smarter ones just download the binary patches already
>built from openbsdupdate.openbsd.org.mx :)

Of course, as someone is going to point out, (Hey, I guess it's me!),
downloading binaries that someone else has compiled is probably not 
the most secure thing in the world to do.  There is always the danger
of trojaned/backdoored binaries.  It all depends on the level of 
trust you give to the person/organization compiling the binaries as
well as how much you really want to end up trusting the box you're 
applying those binary patches to.

Just more food for thought.

Rodney Hopkins

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