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Re: errors while upgrading to -current

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:18:15 +0159
Lukas Meyer <lukas_(_at_)_msys_(_dot_)_ch> wrote:

> I wanted to upgrade my 3.5-release as usual to -current but I 
> encountered the following errors while compiling egcs:
> In file included from editbuf.cc:31:
> editbuf.h:79: error: friend declaration requires class-key, i.e. `friend 
> struct
>    edit_buffer'
> editbuf.cc: In member function `edit_buffer* edit_mark::buffer()':
> editbuf.cc:648: warning: invalid access to non-static data member `
>    edit_buffer::end_mark' of NULL object
> editbuf.cc:648: warning: (perhaps the `offsetof' macro was used incorrectly)

Which architecture?  Did you swap compilers (e.g., install gcc 3.x)?
If you are using gcc 3.x, you don't want to rebuild gcc 2.95 when you
make build.

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