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Re: silly mg(1) question...

rich cannings wrote:
Matthieu Herrb wrote:

Did the new xetc35.tgz tar ball get installed ? It contains (among others) the /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm file which defines the default binding for the delete key in xterm.

Hmm... Mit kinda looks like the xetc35.tgz file didn't get installed. However, I did get all of the directories in /etc/X11. They were not populated with files. (A "find /etc/X11" is attached.)

During the install, when asked which components I wanted to install, I blindly said a "all" and "-bsd.rd".

That would likely be due to using an "old" install media on a new set of files. An install media a week or so old wouldn't know about xetc35.tgz, and wouldn't offer it to you to install.

(Moral: use the same install media as you hope to install.  Yes, I
occassionally cheat on that, myself. 8)