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Virtual vs Physical Iface - DB connection

I would like to implement Dspam on my mail server.  My mail server resides
outside my internal network with its own firewall in place.  I have a
database server that resides inside my network and would like to use the
MySQL installation on that machine for the Dspam installation.

Resolution A-
Pass through traffic on my openbsd firewall from the external mail server
to the internal database server for MySQL connections.  This seems error

Resolution B-
Install MySQL on the mail server locally.  This is more maintenance
intense as I already have an maintain a tuned DB installation.

Resolution C-
Connect the external switch to the internal switch and give the mail
server an internal ip address and set up connection to MySQL on the inside

I lean toward Resolution C as it's fairly simple to implement and to me
seems best not to open up any database connection to the outside world no
matter how restrictive it is.  What I don't know, and the reason for this
posting is I'm unsure of whether I'm opening my internal network to
intrusions due to the fact that I have an external ip and a virtual
internal ip on the same nic with the two switches connected.  Any input
pointing out flaws in this idea are welcome.

Thanks in advance!


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