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Re: Acatel STH modem & pptp

Heiðar Ö. Bernhardsson wrote:

> Hello friends.
> I'm trying to get my modem to work which is not going very well. I have an
Alcatel Speedtouch Home ethernet modem and I'm trying to use OpenBSD's pptp
package to establish a connection to it.

You don't need this package to establish a connection
yourmachineinlan-modem, the modem is like other ethernet devices, his
default ip is

And do you know that you can upgrade your modem to another model ?

What is the goal ?
You want a silent and mini box who manage the adsl connection and is a
gateway with useful functionnalities but you can't use an old pc with
obsd or you don't have a silent mini pc with obsd, instead of using a
machine in your lan or your own machine, you can upgrade this modem, you
will have this silent gateway in a mini box.

I have some experience with this modem, can you do one of this thing :
-from the web interface you click the upgrade button, what is the name
of firmware ? It begins with "GV8BA" or "KHDSA" ?
-or by telnet, telnet, you type the following command :
software version

If you have the version "GV8BA" you can upgrade the modem to Speedtouch
510v3, if you have the version "KHDSA" you can upgrade to Speedtouch
Pro only, it's possible because all this modem use the same hardware.

I have upgraded my modem Speedtouch Home Ethernet to Speedtouch 510v3,
it works fine. You will have a router, a firewall, a dns server, and
many others things.

Obviously i don't force anyone to use his modem like i do and i don't
want to promote one usage against other. I don't say it's the best
solution or something else, i propose only a possibility, you do what
you want with it. However you must know that the firewall of the 510v3
is not statefull...if you want to know more : http://www.mainly.me.uk/

I know a good forum about this modem but it's in french :
Fortunaly you can post in english, you will find more help than in this
list for updgrading the modem and configure it as a gateway, i think
it's offtopic in this list.