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Re: recommended partitioning for a obsd firewall

Rip out the 60GB hard disk, and give it a better home.

Then put in a 4GB or 9GB and look at:



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Subject: recommended partitioning for a obsd firewall

Can anyone share their opinions on how best to partition a dedicated 
OpenBSD firewall.  The hardware is a HP Kayak with a 60 gig hard drive 
and 512 megs of memory and 2 nic cards with pf running.  *All* it will 
do is be a firewall for a simple private network with 2 windows 
workstations. I would like to know how to most effectively partition the 
hard drive.  Any links to a better mailing list for this question (if 
there is one) or URL's to tutorials addressing partitioning with this 
purpose in mind are greatly appreciated. Responses directly to my 
address are also appreciated.
thank you,