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Re: making an OpenBSD TiVo

On Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 10:31:18PM -0500, Chris Tusa wrote:
> Cory,
> My suggestion would be to look into a BTTV chip based card.

bttv is the linux name, we call them bktr, and what you mean is
"a Brooktree/Conexant bt848/bt849/bt878/bt879/bt878a based card".

> I dont want to 
> steer you away from OpenBSD at all, but the Video for Linux software has 
> gotten pretty advanced on their kernel. Maybe you can use some of that 
> software on OpenBSD in binary compatability mode.

No.  v4l(2) is a kernel level driver.  you cannot use a linux kernel
level binary driver on OpenBSD.  and v4l is not the height of AV APIs
anyway (not saying that bktr is any better, tho).


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