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Re: Acatel STH modem & pptp

Otto Moerbeek wrote:

On Sun, 27 Jun 2004, [ISO-8859-1] "Heiðar Ö. Bernhardsson" wrote:

I already got everything working...but I get a message saying that I need to add pseudo-device ppp 1 in the kernel...I find it a bit odd though...I'm just using the default GENERIC kernel. It pings now and everything, this is the only thing I get when start pptp.

This is a bit of a misleading message (fixed in -current). You need to create the ppp device, since it is no longer created automatically.

Easiest way is to create an empty /etc/hostname.ppp0 file. Then after each
reboot, the ppp0 device will be created automatically. See for mor details


Ah, I see. So my pptp connection will not be rl0 (my netcard that is connected to the net) but ppp0?

And my ISP uses pptp, I even called them to make sure.

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