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Re: OT - mail on NFS

Quoting Chris Cameron (chris_(_at_)_upnix_(_dot_)_com):
> Sorry for the offtopic post, just looking for a quick answer from 
> someone who might be in the know on this.
> Temporarily I'm looking to use NFS for storing mail in Maildirs. Is 
> doing this going to bite me in the ass? I've heard a lot of bad things 
> about using NFS for mail, but I'm not sure if that was in relation to 
> past, bad implementation, or just sendmail and NFS not getting along.
> Found some NFS related things in KNOWNBUGS that don't concern me, but 
> other than that I've just seen comments about making sure your NFS 
> implementation properly uses file locks (damned if I know).

You don't wnat to use sendmail on NFS.  That said, the only files
sendmail uses are in /etc/mail/ and /var/spool/mqueue/ (mroe or less).

The DELIVERY agent - mail.local, procmail, MyShellScriptFromHell
MIGHT write to NFS.  And it might be safe.

AFAIK, procmail is NFS safe.  I've hacked qpopper and mail.local before
to make them NFS safe (you don't wanna know).

sendmail doesn't care.

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