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Re: network configuration script

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 y2kbug_(_at_)_ms25_(_dot_)_hinet_(_dot_)_net wrote:

> I made a post to this list two days ago, but I never saw it on the list
> so I wonder if it vaporized in transit. So I'm posting it again (this is
> not an attempt at double posting, so please be forgiving if any of you
> received the original post - I certainly never received it).
> During the installation of OpenBSD, there is a question like this:
>   Configure the network? [y]
> Saying "yes" here makes it very easy to configure networking, and
> certainly much easier than editing a bunch of ascii configuration files.
> I'm just wondering if there is any way to re-run this script without
> having to do a re-install.
> regards,
> Robert

You can find a script which reports all network settings at 
The OpenBSD version is posted on 2004-02-29 as "checker_obsd.txt" 

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