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Re: USB Memory sticks: Failure mode for forgotten umount?

On 2004-06-23 16:54:11 -0700, Ben Goren wrote:
> On 2004 Jun 23, at 9:06 AM, Hannah Schroeter wrote:
> > Yes I know sane persons don't do that, but it's easy to forget things
> > sometimes...
> Hear, hear!
> When I was regularly mounting a removable drive, it was a digital 
> camera, and all I was interested in was dumping the pictures to a new 
> folder. So, I whipped up a five-line shell script that would mount, 
> copy, unmount, and then tell me when it was safe to remove. Worked like 
> a charm.

What I still do.  But...
> If you're using a more general kind of device, it'd probably be worth 
> setting up the automount daemon. I don't think I've used it 
> since...maybe 3.0, and then it was for a client's floppy and Zip 
> drives. Worked reasonably well. I can't tell you specifics off the top 
> of my head; I recall it being mildly hairy to set up, but not too bad.

... hotplugd(8) works fine in current.   I'm still using the "five-line
shell script" method, but it'd be trivial to get the same functionality
(mount -> move/copy -> umount) from a /etc/hotplug/attach script.  I
just like to do it manually via kern.usermount=1 etc.
Have a nice day

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