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Re: rc.conf rc.local Questions

W. Adam Doherty wrote:

I am new to OpenBSD and the first thing I have to say is I have never had a smoother install in my entire life. I started my install from the mini ISO and I love it - all operating systems should install in this way. I feel the greatest sense of bliss know that my OpenBSD box only has on it what I want on it.

Flattery will get you a response. :)

Being new to OpenBSD, I am curious to know if it is possible to reload the configuration changes in /etc/rc.conf and /etc/rc.local files. I thought something like sysctl (could be way wrong) might do it but I'm at a loss; I mean I can understand rebooting, but sometimes it's less than convenient.

You have to handle them case-by-case. In a lot of cases, you can "kill" and restart a service. You may be able to turn a service on or off (such as, PF). But really -- it is case by case. You gotta look at what you are trying to accomplish. The rc files are simple shell scripts, you can easily look at them and see what they do.

HOWEVER...when you *think* you are done reconfiguring, you still need to
reboot.  Really.  This isn't a Windows-like "you must reboot" as much as it
is making sure you really did things right.  Reloading things manually vs.
rebooting are different.  Here's an example: You set up your PF rules, but
you put domain names in the ruleset itself.  You test load 'em, they work
great.  You reboot, you find out that PF is loaded before the network is
fully started, and thus, your domain names do not get resolved, and your
PF rules aren't loaded.

That's a hard-learned lesson: when you think you are all done, reboot.
It seems every time I think the change I just made was "trivial" and
doesn't merit a reboot, some time later, I find out just how wrong I was
when a reboot is finally done...  I don't care what OS it is...you just
want to make sure the thing comes up smoothly on its own.  Odds are, in
six months, you may not remember what you were doing last and what you
changed that is keeping it from working...