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Apache(+php4-sybase) core dump

I am trying to add (non ct) sybase extension to php4+freetds, to connect
to a Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

And all I get is (/var/www/logs/error_log):

	/usr/sbin/httpd:/var/www/lib/php/modules/sybase.so: undefined
	symbol 'dbinit' lazy binding failed!

I have in (3.5-stable) working w/o problems, so far, from ports:

freetds-0.62.1      project to document and implement the TDS protocol
gettext-0.10.40p1   GNU gettext
libiconv-1.9.1      character set conversion library
php4-core-4.3.5RC3  server-side HTML-embedded scripting language
php4-sybase_ct-4.3.5RC3 sybase database access extensions for php4
recode-3.6p1        convert files between character sets and usages

I have added to /usr/ports/www/php4/extensions/Makefile the lines:

# sybase
PSEUDO_FLAVORS+=        no_sybase
.if ${FLAVOR:L:Mno_sybase_ct}
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --without-sybase
MULTI_PACKAGES+=        -sybase
COMMENT-sybase=      "sybase NON ct database access extensions for php4"
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-sybase=shared,${LOCALBASE}
SYBASE_DEPENDS=      tds.0,sybdb.0::databases/freetds
COPTS+=               -Wl,-export-dynamic

with corresponding ./pkg/PLIST-sybase and ./pkg/DESCR-sybase,
to be able to compile and install: php4-sybase-4.3.5RC3. It is when I
in php.ini, that:
# httpd -DSSL    
Memory fault (core dumped) 
with the above message in error_log.

Mr. Google came with the idea of compiling with:
and I've done it for php4-sybase-4.3.5RC3 and apache (with: 
# cd /usr/src/usr.sbin/httpd/; make clean
# export COPTS=-Wl,-export-dynamic; make 
hope that was wright!) making no difference at the end!

Any ideas, references, very welcome!
Thank's for reading.