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Re: SMP vs. Uniprocessor Kernel

Dom De Vitto wrote:
This might sound like a *really* dumb question, but....

Is the plan to eventually have a single GENERIC image for SMP AND
uniprocessor systems, or will the SMP kernel always be a separate

I've seen dumber questions... 8) In a perfect world, there would be just one GENERIC kernel with SMP support, which would run perfectly on SP boxes as well.

Last I heard, the world will NOT be assumed perfect for 3.6.  After 3.6?
I think the plan is to consolidate.  But that's assuming something pretty
close to perfect. 8)

We have a very strong dislike for ANYTHING that breaks a currently
operational system.

Would testing the SMP kernel on uniprocessor systems be useful
to the team? (I'm _guessing it works but is slower than uniproc)

General rule is TEST EVERYTHING. :) The more testing, the more confidence we will have for the consolidation.