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Re: Grub not solved but sidestepped

Scott Francis <darkuncle_(_at_)_darkuncle_(_dot_)_net> writes:

> or you could simply do away with your third-party bootloader altogether;
> NT-based systems support multiple OS booting natively. See the FAQ.

I knew that going in but the little I read about it lead me to
believe grub would be easier to setup... But I now think the talk of
grub being super robust etc is mostly malarky.

I was very slow to move away from lilo (on linux boxes) when grub
became more prevalent. Lilo truly is/was a robust little tool.

I thought about using lilo in this situation too, which I think
probably would be less of a headache than grub.  But now with `gag'
I'll probably just stay with it.

Have you set up dual boot with ntbased tools?  Was it a pain?

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