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pf rule on carp interface?

3.5 Release

I've setup CARP on 2 systems for failover RADIUS servers.  I wanted to
filter on the carp0 interface to allow RADIUS and ICMP packets destined
for the carp0 address.

However this rule

pass in on carp0 inet proto icmp from any to carp0

fails to allow ICMP packets through when pinging the carp0 IP address

Running tcpdump I see the ping coming in on the fxp0 interface.  I hadn't
allowed ICMP to the fxp0 address.  When I enabled this rule

pass in on fxp0 inet proto icmp from any to carp0

ICMP packets started passing through.

So my questions is, can't you filter on a carp interface only?  Or do I
have to filter on the underlying physical interface?