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Having difficulty getting address families to work on code


I'm trying to write some code for IPX/SPX and am starting with IPX.  The
address family AF_IPX continually returnes "Protocol not supported" when
I try to create a socket(2) with it.  What is wrong?  What am I missing?

I'm using OpenBSD 3.4.  By the way, if anyone knows, for programming SPX
am I going to have to write the packets myself?  I know that the SPX
protocol is designed to sit on top of IPX, and the research I've done up
til now suggests that I must write these packets myself.  Is this true? 
I'm wondering because I noticed a header file in /usr/include/netipx
called spx.h.  However, there's no address family AF_SPX.

Thanks for anything that can be provided,

Andrew Falanga -- a Non-HP employee