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cdrom problem with asrock k7s41gx (sis 741gx)


i am using

- openbsd 3.5 (release)
- mainboard ASRock K7S41GX (SiS 741GX chipset)
  (micro-atx, everything onboard, no extra cards)
- AMD Athlon XP 1700+ (Palomino)
- 256 mb ram
- hard drive Samsung SP1614N (160gb)
- dvd drive LG DRD-816XB (16/48)

1. booting from __cd__
2. install is fine until set location to be given:
   "no cdrom found" (haha - very funny; this is not
   my first openbsd installation but the first time
   i saw this message)
3. replaced dvd drive by old cd drive - same problem

(please note that i needed to disable ultra-dma for
hdd because of hdd problems at boot time - openbsd
complained about "... DMA ... missing interrupt ..."
and froze.)

any help would be highly appreciated.

thanks in advance


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