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Re: soekris boot from CF card

Quoting J Moore (jaymo_(_at_)_cullmail_(_dot_)_com):
> On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 06:52:36AM -0400, the unit calling itself Brandon Mercer wrote:

> > >>>>>How do I set up a CF card so that it's bootable with Soekris?
> > Do you have a CF with your OS installed on it already?  If so then you 
> No - I think that's the whole problem - making the CF bootable. 
> Complicated by the fact that all of the solutions I've heard so far 
> require a system with a USB port... none of my OBSD systems have a USB 
> port.
Until recently, openbsd didn't easily support PXEboot.

I got 3.1 (at the time) onto a machine by taking someone's
laptop (which ran windows and wasn't mine to fix from that),
sticking an OpenBSD boot floppy into it and putting the CF
into the PCMCIA slot with a $14 adapter card.

It showed up as wd1 and I installed by ftp from the machine
4 feet away which had a "base" that took up a ripping 18MB.
(I just tarred up the files I needed from a blown out real base.)

But you have PXE.  So guess what you now get to use since you
appear to have no way to read a CF except on the soekris.

> I've got a couple of Windoze machines that have them, but I don't 
> see how to get there from here.
boot floppy needn't touch that windows disks..