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Re: soekris boot from CF card

J Moore wrote:

No - I think that's the whole problem - making the CF bootable. Complicated by the fact that all of the solutions I've heard so far require a system with a USB port... none of my OBSD systems have a USB port. I've got a couple of Windoze machines that have them, but I don't see how to get there from here.

The first solution I suggested to you doesn't require an USB port: boot bsd.rd using pxeboot and proceed with a standard install using FTP.
(Instead of a standard install, you can also choose 'S' to get a shell, copy your files, /boot and /bsd and run installboot manually...

How did you get a CF you could boot?

You can also use a pcmcia->cf adapter in a pcmcia port... -- Matthieu Herrb

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